7 ways to tackle personal branding

When it comes to selling property, first impressions really count. If a house presents well from the outside and is neat, well furnished and freshly painted, then it stands a much higher chance of achieving a positive outcome for the seller. Your personal brand and how you present it is no different.

In a blind business world, we would be judged solely on our intrinsic characteristics: dedication, creativity, tolerance, strategic thinking and assertiveness (to name a few). But when it comes to making an impression, especially in the real estate industry, the first and foremost method of evaluation is less about mentality than physicality.

Did you know that within seven seconds of someone meeting you, 58 per cent of the impression is made by what you are wearing, 32 per cent by the tone of your voice and 10 per cent by what you say?

So what do your presentation and the way you conduct yourself say about you and your agency? Do you think you’ve got your personal brand figured out?

Here are seven tips to help you tackle the art of personal branding:

1 – Signature style

Develop a signature style without taking big risks. Work out how you’d like to be perceived and go for a look that conveys this. If you are flamboyant and confident and that style is appropriate with your clients, then you can afford to wear something that reflects this side of you.

Alternatively, opt for a sophisticated corporate look with tailored suiting, infused with some fashionable pieces. If in doubt, wear something classic and timeless.

You don’t always have to go with the most fashionable piece of clothing.

2 – Small details

Judgments are based firstly on what people see. Polished shoes, a matching belt, tidy hair, simple but elegant accessories – all these small details go a long way when meeting a prospective client for the first time.

3 – Crisp, well-ironed shirt

Don’t underestimate the power of a well-tailored shirt. Make sure it is clean, in good condition and well ironed. Make sure the collar sits crisply and the shirt is tucked in neatly.

4 – Choice of words

Once you’ve nailed your wardrobe and personal brand, focus on your choice of words, be on time, maintain positive body language, and focus on the other person.

5 – Tone of voice

Having the right tone of voice is important but not always easy. How do you know what the right tone should be?

Research shows that you should maintain a tone that reflects confidence without being arrogant.

Be enthusiastic while still relaxed, focused but not desperate or obsessed. When out and about, observe and mimic other people’s tones.

6 – Use people’s names

People love to hear their names. In all interactions, whether face-to-face, on the phone or via email, use the other person’s name as soon as you learn it and be sure to repeat it throughout the dialogue.

As soon as you ask their name, make a mental note of it, or write it down if you are on the phone with them. This may seem simple; however, if you cater to their egos you will have a much greater chance of succeeding.

7 – Listen

Listening makes it easy to keep the conversation going. Comment on what the other person says, show interest and ask follow-up questions. When it’s your turn to speak, they will take note and care a little more about what you have to say.

Similarly to business and the real estate industry, the objective of nurturing your personal brand is to create success based not only your skills and knowledge, but also your self-packaging. Are you creating a unique, distinguishable and lasting impression?

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Fiona Anchal

Fiona Anchal

Fiona Anchal is the creative director of Shirt Studio Corporate.

Fiona's experience spans 20 years in a creative environment.  

She worked in the marketing and communications industry for a decade before venturing into her own business, Shirt Studio Corporate in 2004.

Fiona is incredibly passionate about business and creating products that are high quality, timeless and practical.  

With her creative hat on she works on all things fashion for Shirt Studio Corporate from clothing designs, fits and sourcing new fabrics.  

She has an eye for detail and a natural instinct for design and fashion.  

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