Why would agents use virtual reality?

It’s a bold new technological world out there and virtual reality is at the forefront of it. Here’s why you should use VR in your listings, and how your clients will benefit.

Imagine your overseas buyers taking a virtual tour of a property they are interested in.

Some people find the virtual reality experience as good as physically being there.

When we consider the habits of Millennials and Gen Y, they want things now. They want to access everything via their tablets and smartphones. Virtual reality makes this possible, and your customers in the future will not only want this, they will demand it.

In an area with many out-of-town buyers, virtual reality tours will save buyers the time and trouble of spending thousands of dollars on plane tickets and accommodation. Instead of travelling across the country to view a property, they can attend the same viewing from the comforts of their home. 

Although VR technology is not widespread yet, agents should keep a close eye on the technology. VR will add another dimension to your property marketing and the overall buying experience.

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