Agent invests $25,000 in marketing video

A Melbourne agent has hired a helicopter, a Ferrari and a model to create a Hollywood-style production to promote a current listing.

Paul Pfeiffer of Melbourne Deluxe Real Estate told REB that the marketing video cost $25,000 to make, but that he wanted to try something different to reach a broader audience.

The video used a helicopter, drone and sports car, as well as a model to showcase the exclusivity of the home, which is expected to sell for about $5.8 million.

“We used the helicopter to get those first 10 seconds of footage, which cost $1,000 per second – so there’s $10,000 right there. To use the drone cost another $2,000, plus the cost of the model,” he said.

“I think the whole industry will move towards digital, so we have to look at more innovative ways of drawing attention,” he said.

Mr Pfeiffer said the video has generated about 1,200 views since going live on 18 December.

“If you look at how a standard campaign goes, you’d be lucky to get 400-500 views through the course of the campaign. So in the first couple of weeks, we’ve doubled that reach,” he said.

“At $5.8 million-plus, you’d expect to find two or three parties that would be in that price range, but we’ve already had a dozen qualified buyers through, with a couple showing some interest.”

Mr Pfeiffer said the video was created because audiences demand information at a faster pace with more of a story behind it.

“We’ve got to become storytellers; those that become the best storytellers will dominate in the marketplace. I think it’s the real estate of the future,” he said.

Mr Pfeiffer extended the campaign to accommodate for the holiday season, with the video launched in late December and expressions of interest due by mid-February.

“It is only a four-week campaign, but we just added the extra lead time to see if we could get some strategic traffic over the new year period,” he said.

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