Top 50 Sales Offices 2016 to be revealed

This year’s REB Top 50 Sales Offices will once again see the country’s top-performing real estate sales offices battle it out for a spot in the rankings.

Box+Dice, a provider of customer relationship management solutions for the industry, has come on board as an exclusive partner for a cocktail function where REB will unveil the offices that made the 2016 ranking.

“We specialise in top performers, and want to take every opportunity to associate ourselves with them,” Box+Dice business development manager Sam Upleger told REB.

“We had a look at our clients and realised that what we do attracts really successful businesses that value building quality, sustainable relationships with their customers.”

To secure a place in the Top 50 Sales Offices 2016 ranking, a high-performing sales office needs to “invest the time in hiring the best people”, Mr Upleger said.

He added that by implementing the best process and platform in its business, a real estate office can grow and be recognised as an industry leader.

“Becoming a market leader all comes down to the ‘three Ps’,” Mr Upleger said.

“People, process, and platform. If they get these things right, it allows agents in the business to focus on building their quality sustainable relationships and not be distracted by a lot of other things that come up in the day to day administration.”

The Top 50 Sales Offices cocktail function will take place at 6pm tonight (Thursday). The final ranking will be revealed on the REB website on Friday.

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