Top 50 Sales Offices revealed

Australia’s most efficient and successful sales offices have been revealed, with businesses from across the country making the list.

Robinson Property topped this year’s Top 50 Sales Offices ranking after placing second in 2015. Click here to see the full list.

The Newcastle agency had a phenomenal 2014-15 financial year, recording volumes of $435.7 million from 896 sales.

That was a reflection of its high efficiency, with the office’s 19 staff – 14 in sales roles and five in support functions – contributing an average of 47.16 sales per person.

Managing director Guy Robinson said one reason for Robinson Property’s ongoing success is that it has created a system that entices successful sales staff to stick around for the long term.

“Many of our team have been with us for over a decade,” he told REB.

“They’re well-known in their communities and the markets that they specialise in, so the consistent results that come from each of those team members add up to give us an overall consistent result.”

The Top 50 Sales Offices ranking, partnered by Box+Dice, was not only calculated on volumes and sales but also staff efficiency and conversion rates, allowing businesses from smaller states and regional areas to compete against metropolitan powerhouses.

Three of the top five offices on this year’s list hailed from regional markets. All states and territories were represented, except for Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

The offices on the ranking employed an average of 11 sales staff and 4.4 support staff, and delivered an average of 352 sales at a conversion rate of 93.4 per cent. Click here to see the full list.

The launch of the Top 50 Sales Offices 2016 will be immediately followed by National Sales Week, five days of exclusive content focused on building more effective sales teams. Each afternoon for the next week, REB subscribers will automatically receive a dedicated newsletter with specialised sales-focused content.

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