Brisbane agent reveals how he landed this $3m listing

A Brisbane-based agent has achieved a fantastic result by working closely with the vendor on a multifaceted marketing campaign.

Michael Knowles of Harcourts Solutions used an all-round marketing campaign to promote a four-bedroom house in New Farm that sold for $3 million at auction over the weekend.

“As soon as I saw the property and where it was situated and what sort of attention it could attract, I knew that I wanted it prominently featured,” Mr Knowles said.

“I worked really closely with the vendor to ensure that they were aware that a really good marketing campaign is the best place to start for getting maximum attention to the property.”

Mr Knowles remarked that the house, valued at $2.5 million, “lent itself to being an entertainer’s house”.

“Dual kitchen, a fantastic deck, Teppanyaki grill out there as well, so you can really take in your surrounding while entertaining your friends.”

Although Mr Knowles had an established relationship with the vendor, presenting his vision of a multifaceted marketing campaign ultimately helped him win the listing.

“I had an in to start with, but still had to go in there and show that I knew what I was doing and that I had the campaign and the planning done as to how I envisaged it rolling out,” he said.

“Having that vision ahead of time, and making sure that it was planned and I could show them, not only what the results would be but the cost associated with it.

“I think just putting it all out on the table and not being forceful but saying ‘look, this is what is going to serve your property best. It’s not cheap, but it’s going to maximise the attention that we get to the property.’”

As part of the marketing campaign, Mr Knowles commissioned picture signboards featuring different photos of the house to “create a point of difference”.

His agency also held open homes every Thursday night and on Saturday mornings to give more people an opportunity to view the house, and ensured that private inspections were available throughout the auction campaign.

In conjunction with these marketing strategies, Mr Knowles used newspapers to bring attention to the property as well as social media to “cover as many outlets as we could”.

“It served us very well,” Mr Knowles said, “We had a very high degree of interest.”

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