Agent goes above and beyond to sell $2m home

A Victoria-based agent gave a client a private inspection on New Year’s Eve and provided them with additional help after they purchased the unique property.

Rebecca Beacall of Buxton Real Estate Sandringham arranged a New Year’s Eve inspection of a 4-bedroom house in Cheltenham for an interested client who has now purchased the property for $2.05 million at auction.

“I took the buyer through on New Year’s Eve prior to any public advertising actually going out. I took the family through before anything else, and they ended up being the ones who purchased it,” Ms Beacall told REB.

“We got in contact with them. We found out that they had interest in the property, so they were aware of the property. We got in contact with them and then started conversing beforehand.”

Ms Beacall explained that the Cheltenham property generated significant interest because it was unique.

“We had aerial photography to highlight the fact that it did have very good possibilities.

“Down the line it had a lot of potential for development if someone wanted to do it. It’s in a very prominent position in Melbourne being in the sandbelt, where you have Royal Melbourne Golf Course, which a lot of people know very, very well.

“[Many] of these unique properties garner a lot of interest and people like to have a little bit of an upper hand if they can and purchase something prior to a campaign.”

Ms Beacall also explained that after winning the listing, Buxton Real Estate also assisted the vendor to prepare the property.

“We put forward a proposal to have the property prepared in its entirety.

“We sorted out absolutely everything from gardening, painting, styling -- anything that needed to be done to the property, we had it completely arranged.”

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