Coming Soon - Top 100 Agents Week

Along with the announcement of the Top 100 Agents 2016 ranking on April 5 at REinnovate in Sydney, REB+ will release a range of insights into the habits of the country’s best sales agents. This will give you an unparalleled opportunity to see what makes these great agents tick.

The factors that make for a top-performing sales agent is the focus of a special week of deep analysis and insights from some of the industry’s leading practitioners.

Top 100 Agents Week will see REB+ deliver five consecutive days of content focused on the key traits and daily habits of some of the nation's top selling agents.

From listing presentation strategies and vendor management through to how to close more deals, REB will reveal the sales team methods the leading operators have engaged to take them to the top.

The week commences with the launch of the Top 100 Agents 2016 ranking on April 6, which showcases the top-performing sales agents from around the country.

Exclusive to REB+ subscribers from Friday April 6.

To get access to Top 100 Agents Week, subscribe to REB+ today.

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