Agency launches new 'traditional' outdoor campaign

A Victoria-based real estate group has decided against digital channels in favour of a more traditional advertising campaign this autumn.

Hockingstuart’s latest outdoor advertising campaign will run until 21 March and is designed to promote the agency’s brand on more than 100 trams and buses.

The buses come complete with full back advertising while the tram advertising is located on the sky breakers (landscape panels on the upper half of the trams).

Hockingstuart head of marketing Stephanie Holmes told REB that the new campaign will ensure the group retains a high profile for consumers over the next few months.

“Like most, we’re not too sure where the market is going to head over the next few months and we wanted to make sure that Hockingstuart is front of mind all the time,” Ms Holmes said.

With buses and trams being so prominent in Melbourne, Ms Holmes said the decision to launch a more old-school style campaign was an easy one.

“Most of our advertising has traditionally been digital and geared specifically towards lead generation but sometimes it’s just good to go back to those traditional marketing pieces and remind people that we are here,” she said.

“There’s a reason why Coke still does traditional marketing. So whilst we’re very conscious of digital, sometimes you just need to remind people of your brand and how big you actually are, so this works well for us.

“We see real estate not just as a one-off transaction but as a journey," she said, "so this constant contact, and the fun of the bus and tram advertising, [is us] trying to connect to the consumer's journey.”

Hockingstuart’s new outdoor campaign will reach all of its offices except Torquay and Daylesford.

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