The art of auctioneering ‘takes years to master’

A leading Melbourne real estate agent shared his wisdom on what it takes to become a successful auctioneer, a role he sees as “part negotiator, part entertainer”.

David Wood of hockingstuart Albert Park told REB that the art of auctioneering is something that “takes years to master”.

Mr Wood started auctioneering when he was 19 and says agents looking to start should attend as many auctions as they can, “practise like mad” and find a mentor.

“Find someone who you think is really good and model yourself on that person until you form your own personal style,” he said, adding that agents looking to start auctioneering should be open to doing charity auctions and clearance sales to get as much practice as possible.

Mr Wood highlighted that auctioneering requires extensive practice, as it involves a completely different skillset to the day-to-day operations of a sales agent.

“You’ve got to be part negotiator, part entertainer,” he explained. “It’s not for everyone. A lot of people who say they’d like to do might be no good at it.”

While some agents may find they have a natural talent for auctions, Mr Wood stressed that it takes plenty of effort to get the right training and become successful.

The “wonderful advantage” of being a successful auctioneer, Mr Wood said, is that people seek you out to look after their property.

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