Mentoring program launched for future property leaders

An industry body has recently unveiled a mentoring program aimed at shaping the future leaders of the real estate industry.

The program is an initiative of the Property Council’s Future Directions Committee and is directed at final year university students and graduates interested in entering the property industry.

While the program has actually been running for six years, the 2016 launch is significant, with the committee extending applications to industry graduates in order to expand the program and its opportunities.

“This program creates a forum for young property professionals to learn, network and socialise with like-minded peers and industry leaders,” NSW Property Council’s executive director Jane Fitzgerald said.

The program will take the form of a minimum of three face-to-face meetings over nine weeks between mentors and mentees, with the opportunity for mentees to refine their property industry insight and skills.

“Mentees gain knowledge, expand their networking skills and learn from the experiences of experienced property professionals,” Ms Fitzgerald added.

She explained that the program will also give companies in the industry the opportunity to foster the early development of new talent.

Ms Fitzgerald emphasised that the NSW property industry is the state’s second largest employer, with one in six people directly or indirectly drawing their wage from it.

“The property industry contributes substantially every day to the state's prosperity and this forward-looking program will help it stay that way over the decades to come.”

The program launched earlier this month at the offices of The GPT Group where 17 mentors and mentees, the Future Directions Committee and Future Directions sponsors came together to meet one another.

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