Tech guru to speak about disruption in real estate

One of Australia’s leading internet entrepreneurs, who has worked closely with Bill Gates, will reveal how technology is set to disrupt the real estate industry when he speaks at the upcoming AREC 2016.

Daniel Petre has been at the forefront of the technological and digital arena for more than 25 years and has held leadership positions in a number of technology-based businesses, including nine years at Microsoft’s headquarters in the U.S., where he worked closely with Bill Gates as vice-president of the Work Group Division.

He has also been an active technology investor in Australia, co-founding AirTree Ventures, a $60 million investment fund established to invest in disruptive technology companies at the growth stage.

Mr Petre will deliver his keynote speech ‘Digital Disruption’ at AREC on Sunday 22 May on the Gold Coast.

“Technology is disrupting all industries and all processes,” he said ahead of his appearance at the event.

“Due to technology, gone are the days where real estate agents are the only source of accurate pricing data or sourcing of buyers or sellers. While home owners will always want help in the selling of their house and agents will play a key role, they will have to be nimble and use technology platforms and services to provide better service to buyers and sellers.”

Mr Petre said a good agent has a lot of local knowledge and can show a track record in achieving positive results in a reasonable time.

“Also, agents do not just force you to advertise in the old world local papers unless they truly prove to be valuable,” he said.

“In my address at AREC 2016, I will cover the general growth and penetration of technology and then talk about where technology is likely to play a role in real estate.

“There is no question that this is an industry that is going to be disrupted going forward.”

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