Agents embrace 'unique' technology platform

The 'unique' software of an Australian technology company aimed at delivering the “ultimate customer experience” to Australian home buyers has been backed by a number of real estate agencies.

ActivePipe is a predictive software system that uses behavioural and interaction-based algorithms to identify which of an agent’s clients are ready to buy and sell – taking out much of the guesswork. The platform then automates communications to the customer on the agent’s behalf.

Since its launch in 2014, ActivePipe has been taken up by over 70 real estate networks.

The software boasts features specifically developed for home buyers, including personalised email alerts about properties they are interested in, as well as up-to-the-minute information and status change updates about listings, inspections and auctions delivered via mobile phone.

ActivePipe also provides home buyers with notifications of the latest listings – often before they appear on property websites.

According to ActivePipe CEO Ashley Farrugia, agents who have had their clients use the platform report significant time savings, and increased sales and appraisals.

Mr Farrugia said real estate clients are also directly benefitting from the “unique technology”, which can be made available to them via their real estate agency.

“Over the years, the real estate information presented to consumers has been bland, one-size-fits-all, or, it has been based on who has paid the most money to promote their property,” he said.

“ActivePipe delivers non-financially influenced information that is specific to the nominated interests of the consumer.

“Tailored communications are expected by consumers these days, and that is the focus of ActivePipe in the real estate industry.”

ActivePipe is exclusively available to home buyers via their chosen agent and offers a free mortgage consultation to determine their borrowing capacity when they first sign up.

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