Followit: changing the face of real estate

Australia’s highly anticipated social platform followit is going national from 15 June. Here, the group’s head of sales and brand, Lisa Hutchinson, explains how the innovative tool will transform the way agents work.

What is followit and when was it launched?

Followit is an industry-backed platform that will change the face of selling and renting property. At its core, followit is a live social platform built for the real estate industry that will transform the way you work and the results your business produces. It provides agents and property managers with a better way to communicate with each other, and with potential buyers, sellers and renters, by opening the doors to a marketplace where information is updated and available to all – live and in real time.

It is a front-line communications system for the real estate industry, delivered in the form of a mobile office in the palm of your hand.

Beyond the many benefits followit will provide you and your business in connecting with potential customers and managing information, it will revolutionise the way every Australian interacts with the real estate industry.

Whether they are buyers, sellers, renters or just information-seekers, everyone will now be able access the right information in real time and stay abreast of the latest prices and changes in the market.

Followit officially launched on the northern beaches in October 2015, and is set to be available Australia-wide by the end of 2016.

How is followit driving innovation in the real estate space?

Real estate agents are looking for the most effective way to communicate with an audience – something that will through the clutter and improve the overall real estate experience for buyers and sellers.

Followit offers what no other real estate technology in the country can – real-time communication. Followit is social media combined with real estate portal technology. It allows agents to push out live information in a matter of seconds to an audience.

Should agents view technology as a friend or foe?

Followit doesn’t believe the world is advanced by accepting things just as they are, and neither should real estate agents.

For real estate agents, being ahead of the game is paramount. The real estate industry is evolving rapidly, and agents who have the ability to embrace and understand new technology will be the new leaders in the industry.

How will followit help real estate agents?

Ultimately, the most important thing we do for you is help you sell and lease more property. Because followit delivers LIVE, real-time real estate information via a social platform, it helps you build trust with consumers and changes the way the market communicates. It’s cost-effective and will help agents gain more business, build better relationships with genuine buyers, sellers and renters, and ultimately gain power back by giving you ownership of the relationship and flow of information into the market.

• It reduces your operating costs and increases efficiency.
• It streamlines communications with your team and your followers.
• It allows your team to push updates through their mobile office in real time.
• It requires minimal training or adjustment from your agents or property managers.
• It delivers purpose-built tools that have been driven by the demands of the industry.

How many agents are currently using the platform?

Since being launched as a beta version on Sydney’s northern beaches in October 2015, just over 75 per cent of offices have got on board with followit. We’ve also recently launched into Perth and Fremantle. In these areas combined, we now have a total of 2,285 agents registered to use followit, with more to join in the coming weeks.

The great news is, the rest of Australia will be able to use followit from 15 June. We encourage every agent and property manager to register for our free webinar on that day, in which the team from followit will explain the benefits to your business and how easy it is to use.

To register for the free webinar on 15 June go to

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