Domain to simplify Saturday inspections

The real estate portal has announced the launch of a new mobile check-in tool, designed to make Saturday morning inspections easier, faster and more enjoyable for prospective buyers.

The Domain Check-in app enables home hunters to register their details on their smartphone, browse properties for sale, add them to the inspection planner and automatically generate an inspection pass.

This ensures that when the prospective buyer arrives at an inspection, those details will sync with the agent’s phone, meaning there’s no need to queue to provide names and contact details for each home viewed.

Domain chief product officer Damon Pezero said the new app saves both house hunters and agents valuable time and makes the inspection process more efficient.

“Anyone who has spent time looking for property knows how time-consuming the process of inspections can be,” he said.

“People are used to seamless mobile registration processes in other industries, so we’re excited to bring the property market up to the same standards.”

Nick Deflorio from Belle Property Mosman recently trialled Domain Check-in with his buyers and has reported positive feedback from his experience.

“I’ve been trialling Doman Check-in for the past few months and my house inspections have been totally revolutionised for those buyers using the app,” he said.

“It’s much more efficient and enjoyable for everyone, me included.”

Domain Check-in is the latest feature added to Domain’s mobile app suite and is available on iOS, Android, Apple Watch and Android Wear.

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