A Day in the Life: Zali Reynolds

This week, REB gets an insight into the life of leading agent Zali Reynolds who placed in the REB Top 100 this year and spoke at AREC 2016.

5am: I’ve only started getting up at five o’clock after reading a book called The Morning Miracle by Hal Elrod which talks about taking some time in your morning to spend time on yourself. I spend some quiet time reading my bible, reading my affirmations and writing in my journal.

6am: I arrive at the gym and train for an hour. I go to a gym that is quite a distance from my office because I have the best PT. He’s a big part of keeping me motivated every day and getting me on track.

In the car on the way back from the gym, I listen to a podcast. Normally it’s a Tom Panos interview or a TED Talk – something motivational.

7.20am: I get ready for work at the office and I’m normally at my desk at about 7.45am.

8am: Usually on a Wednesday, we have sales training at 8am which the whole office takes part in. It goes for about an hour and the format is usually a big forum. It’s often at the local tennis club and we have lots of different, interesting speakers come in to talk to us, including Josh Altman from Million Dollar Listing.

9am: I’m back in the office and making some phone calls.

I run a pretty tight ship on my database and I’ve got reminders that come up. Every week, my assistant prints them out, so on a Wednesday I’ll spend some time going through all my tasks.

I’ll update clients who I want to update on a recent sale or potential vendors whom I'm chasing for a listing. It’s following them up with some information and just staying in touch.

12pm: I don’t use a computer at all so my EA flags emails for me to follow up. I’ll go through any emails that need to be responded to while I eat lunch at my desk.

1pm: The rest of my day is filled with appointments, appraisals or vendor meetings.

I meet with my vendors three times throughout their campaign, so pretty much every week. Managing a large number of campaigns requires a fair bit of time, so I try and get my vendors to come into the office. The meetings might start at 1pm and then we might do two, three, four meetings in the office, and then go out to appraisals.

8pm: Some nights I finish earlier but in spring it’s usually an 8pm finish. Then I’ll go home and spend some time with my husband and step-daughter.

I try and spend at least five or 10 minutes at home planning what the next day is going to look like, then I’ll read a little before going to bed.

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