Dodgy agent to remain in jail for account fraud

An agent who was jailed for fraudulently converting more than $600,000 for personal use will remain behind bars following a failed appeal to serve his sentence at home.

Barry Goldman, of Leda Real Estate and Portfolio Property Solutions, lodged an appeal to serve his sentence at home, and was instead sentenced to two years’ imprisonment with an 18 month non-parole period.

The charges brought against Goldman by NSW Fair Trading were in relation to a failure to account for funds and hold money in trust pending the completion of sales transactions.

During the investigations which began in 2014, it was found that $651,183.24 from Leda Real Estate was fraudulently converted for personal use by Goldman.

Goldman was also the director of Portfolio Property Solutions when it fraudulently converted $20,152.06, relating to rental money owed to landlords.

By January of 2015, it was determined that Goldman was responsible for a total deficiency in the corporation trust bank accounts amounting to $671,335.30.

Goldman was convicted under the Property Stock and Business Agents Act and claimed he used the money to fund familial legal proceedings.

“Mr Goldman had been robbing Peter to pay Paul, with no plan to pay the money back,” NSW Fair Trading commissioner Rod Stowe said.

The Barry Goldman who is subject to this report is not the licensed real estate agent Barry Ian Goldman of Sydney Sotheby’s International Realty Double Bay in New South Wales.

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