Communication key to driving listings, sales

Agents that engage and communicate effectively with clients will be better positioned to boost listings and sales, despite the current climate.

Real Estate Talk’s chief executive Kevin Turner told Real Estate Business, agents who provide good feedback to their sellers and appraise the property to meet current market conditions should have no problem making a sale.

“I’ve been in the real estate industry now since the 1980s and we have been through this market on a number of occasions before,” Mr Turner said.

“What you have to do is be really quick about making sure you’re giving your sellers good feedback.”

Despite the flat market, Mr Turner remains confident that there are plenty of buyers abound and sales can still be made.

“As long as a seller is well placed in the market, there will always be a buyer,” he said.

“There is a buyer for every property, doesn’t matter what the market is like, it all comes down to price, and if you can’t get the price right you’re simply not going to sell the property.”

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