Agent uses social media to sell Melb house

A luxury Melbourne home marketed via social media had over 250 Twitter followers within 24 hours and enquiries from as far as away as England.

Home owners Kevin Moloney and Janetta Stones decided to sell their Abbotsford home, situated on the banks of the Yarra River, but when they approached Phillip Middlemiss, director at Stockdale & Leggo Melbourne, he suggested they use an unconventional marketing tool for the sale.

“We’ve been dabbling with social media a bit lately," Mr Middlemiss told Real Estate Business. "It provides much richer content; it’s more about you and your interaction with the home. And that’s really hard to convey in an ad with the local paper.

“It wasn’t hard to convince [the vendors], they were quite open to the idea. They interviewed a number of agents and they chose to go for this angle."

The agent employed social media marketing expert Catherine Chenery, from Gihon Media, who hadn't marketed a house before this campaign.

“I’d heard of it before, but it was something we’d never done," she said.

“We were quite impressed with how well it went and we’ll be looking to do some similar work in the future.”

At the time of writing, the house was in the final stages of being sold to a local buyer based in the United Kingdom.

The campaign was conducetd via Facebook, the house’s own dedicated site at, and Twitter, which gathered around 250 followers in the first day.

The vendor, Mr Middlemiss and Ms Chenery all have access to the sites, and posts are updated from the home on a regular basis.

The site includes interviews with the vendors titled, ‘Kevin on why he is selling’ and entries that entice readers to view the property and surroundings.

Although Mr Middlemiss admits the buyer is ‘just shy’ of the vendors' asking price, he has labelled it a success and said it would be the way he sells his own home in the future.

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