Automated property ads a hit with agents

A new program that automatically writes property descriptions, with little input from the agent, has been branded as the ‘best return on investment available’ by pioneering users.

Launched just five weeks ago allows agents to quickly compose property advertisements via an automated system reducing time spent on copywriting. Agents input key property data such as number of rooms and car spaces, as well as letting the agent choose how to pitch the property.

Agents have a range of selections such as ‘bachelor pad’ to ‘chic city living’ and can make the program evoke emotions such as ‘warmth’ or ‘success’.

According to John Shore, sales director on, around 30 agents have signed up, with some larger franchise groups beginning to show interest.

Benjamin Ling from Ray White Bowral uses the Propertyblurbs system and swears by its usefulness.

“It saved me endless hours work and frustration, not to mention stress. Propertyblurbs creates stunning copy that is unique and impressive in just one or two minutes.

“It attracts buyers and also impresses potential vendors - so more listings for me. It's the best return on investment available."

Professional copywriter and real estate marketer Karen Hutton told Real Estate Business that it had its merits however it still needed additional input from the agent to get the best results from the automated program.

“All things considered, it’s not too bad for computer generated copy writing,

“But it definitely needs the human touch. For instance, some copy I generated when I was testing it above had at least one typo,

“Sometimes you’ll get something really cheesy like ‘This home also has the right feeling about it. Which is just as important, when all's said and done’ also, the repetition of the headline and first paragraph is poor writing.”

Ms Hutton said the most important part of the copy is a compelling headline.

“Put your most concentrated effort into the 50 character text box for maximum number of views. A great copywriter friend said the ultimate formula for a fascinating headline is a mixture of familiar plus unfamiliar plus sexy.”

Ms Hutton says the time of the week you upload your listing is vital to also increase your views.

“The day you release your new listing has an enormous effect on maximum number of visits. The best day to announce your new listing for the first time on is Monday before 9am.

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