Agents with 'personality' get most sales

You may have all the market knowledge in the world but if you are not personable you won’t get anywhere in real estate, said one of Australia’s fastest selling agents.

According to Chris Gilmour, sales agent at All Properties Group in Brisbane, whose properties sell (on average) in 21 days, it's his "laidback personality" that helps set him apart from his competitors.

“I think personality is the most important part of being a successful agent,” he told Real Estate Business at the Young Professionals in Real Estate (YPIRE) Conference in Sydney last week.

A speaker at the conference, Mr Gilmour explained to conference attendees how he developed his referral business over three years, going from nothing to a million dollars in earnings.

“I am telling my competitors and peers all my techniques. But the one thing I can’t teach them is personality, you’ve either got it or you don’t.

“You’ve got to be able to relate to the client. You need to be able to adapt to every different situation and if you are really good at that, you will be successful.”

According to Mr Gilmour, living and being active in your farming area is another key to being a successful agent.

“It is about knowing your market and the people that live there,” he said. “I concentrate on a small patch of 1,000 homes and I live in that area, so people walking their dogs past me in the morning while I’m washing my car will stop and say hello to me.

“It is just easy and natural.”

Mr Gilmour said he is now one of the nation's “laziest agents”.

“My business is all about referral business,” he said. “I would probably be one of the laziest agents because every day just gets easier and easier.

“But it is because of all the solid work you do at the foundation stage of your relationship with the client that they just speak your name everywhere.

When Mr Gilmour first started in the industry he worked seven days a week, from five in the morning to 11 O’clock at night.

“I put it the hard years to be where I am now. I am up at five am and at home by six at night.”

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