Big bills push green living

Energy efficient houses will become more and more attractive to buyers in the coming years, after new figures revealed a huge increase in average energy consumption.

According to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data, Australian households are using 25 per cent more electricity and 22 per cent more gas, than they were ten years ago.

And with reports of huge spikes in electricity prices, prompting a senate inquiry, green homes will become the most appealing housing according to Cameron Rosen, managing director of Australian Living.

“A lot of consumers don’t realise how much they can save in the long run on an energy efficient home. Energy costs can account for up to 38 per cent of household costs.

“This has been so high for the past ten years because of air conditioning and a greater number of appliances in a home.

“Doing minor adjustments to the design of a home, you can squash that down to 20 per cent.”

Mr Rosen believes that public perception of green housing can be turned around if real estate agents also start embracing the benefits.

“Energy efficient housing is hard to sell, but that’s because the public doesn’t know the benefits. If agents started marketing these homes in the appropriate way, consumers and the environment will be better off.”

Currently, all states have an industry standard on new homes of a six star energy rating, except NSW which has a four and a half star standard.

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