Domain enables video on iPad app

As video becomes increasingly more important in the marketing and sale of a residential property, Domain has taken steps to ensure video is accessible via their award-winning iPad app.

“Video serves a purpose to get information across really quickly and effectively,” Tony Blamey, general manager of real estate at Fairfax marketplaces said at Real Estate Business’ 2012 Technology Roundtable earlier this month.

“[Video] should make the whole sales process efficient for the agent.

“The listings with video on Domain get about three to four times the viewer inquiries than a non-video property has. That is about engagement and getting the right people to look at the property.”

Video has now been enabled, and users can now compare five different properties and their features, such as size and number of bedrooms and bathrooms, against each other side by side.

Other upgrades on the iPad app include being able to plot important points of interest on the map, and addition of the Inspection Buddy tool, which allows users to view property information without closing the inspection planner map, as well as a function to rate and record buyers’ personal satisfaction score with a property.

“These upgrades allow buyers to more easily search for properties, organise their inspection lists and record their favourites,” said Matt Siddons, marketing director, real estate for Fairfax Marketplaces.

“The new features, particularly the addition of video capability, will ensure that agents’ property marketing campaigns are maximised,” he said.

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