Client demands rising for already frazzled PMs

Property managers are being put under increased pressure to deal with tenant and landlord disputes in a quick and timely manner, a leading property managment training company has said.

Nathan Brett, director at Qld-based Real Estate Dynamics (RED), said there has been an increased demand for speakers on negotiation and conflict management.

“Property managers have to deal with tenants and landlords, and the key task is to keep them advised of what’s happening to the property," Mr Brett told Real Estate Business.

"So the ability to be able to communicate effectively with them, by providing accurate and up to date information, is really important.

“We’ve seen it become more important as consumer expectations of service continues to grow.”

“Instead of sending an email we encourage agents to pick up the phone, or speak to them face to face, so nothing gets lost in translation.”

But the time it takes for a property manager to contact a tenant of landlord with an issue is just as important as how they approach the confrontation, according to Mr Brett.

“Part of the communication and negotiation process is time management, balancing the needs of investors to get the information they need as fast possible," he said.

“With tenants and landlords, it can get quite volatile so property managers are put under increasing pressure to deal with those disputes.”

This topic is one of a number of related talks at the upcoming RED Property Management Event, a one-day training seminar being held on October 22 at the Brisbane Powerhouse.

The day will include a talk by Lynn Smith from the Residential Tenancies Authority, which will encourage property managers to deal with confrontation.

“It’s a fairly iconic building in Brisbane along the waterfront at New Farm," Mr Brett said of the venue. "The intimate space gives a different feel to a giant auditorium, we want to keep it personal.”

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