A majority of agents and principals opposed to CPD

A large number of agents and principals are opposed to undertaking CPD, which industry trainer Josh Phegan believes is due to irrelevant material.

“Training that is non-CPD is much more relevant to an everyday agent or principal,” Mr Phegan told Real Estate Business.

“They would much rather hear about a particular skill like ‘how to list’, ‘how to prospect’ or ‘how to do more buyer or seller work’, while CPD has traditionally been more legislative based – what you can and can’t do.”

According to the latest Real Estate Business strawpoll, 65.2 per cent of the 244 respondents said they wouldn’t undergo continuing professional development if it wasn’t compulsory in their state.

Just over a third said they would do it regardless.

“I think there is a requirement from a legislative point of view to do CPD, obviously there are some really important things that come through from a licensing perspective,” said Mr Phegan.

“But there is definitely another element to training that helps profitability and efficiency and effectiveness of agencies, which is a different style of training. So there is a requirement to have both.”

But Mr Phegan believes it is human nature to defy anything compulsory.

“Ultimately, if you’re paying for training, you want to be there. When someone is being made to attend, there will always be a compulsion to not want to be there.

“There’s always some things that you have to do that you don’t want to do. Nobody wants to learn to drive a car on their learner’s permit. But it’s something that is necessary and it’s a requirement.”

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