Agency business plans best done externally

Smaller networks need to gather in a ‘high quality’ capacity at least twice a year to maintain growth, according to the managing director of one such company.

Paul Curtain, managing director at Place Estate Agents in Queensland, has just wrapped up the group’s first meeting of this type for 2013.

“We get together three times a year with our business leaders, which are the principals and directors of our offices. Also we have senior management staff, head of property management, HR, marketing and finance; all the decision makers,” he told Real Estate Business.

The 13-office group had 30 people attend the event, held over the past weekend at Q1 on the Gold Coast.

“We do it three times a year to go through a host of discussions," he said. "On one side it’s about keeping in contact with those people, so there’s a social element to it. But the strategic side to it is that we want to look at the twelve months ahead of us, and focusing on some key business objectives.”

Mr Curtain said it is vital that growing franchise networks meet in an external environment to steer the company towards healthy growth.

“From the point of view of the directors and partners, we’ve got a vision on where we want the business to go," he said. "Part of the unique part of the Place business is that we all own and operate offices as well.

“So we set our strategic vision for Place for the next 12 months and beyond, but we’re there on the ground daily experiencing wins and losses in our own business,” Mr Curtain said.

 “If we look at ourselves in 2013 and say, ‘This is how we want our business to look in 2018’ for us to reach those goals, it’s absolutely vital that we check and maintain that we’re on the right track at least two or three times a year in a really high quality capacity.

“Anything less than that and we won’t get to where we want. We’ve tried having these inhouse, but we find the external atmosphere helps, as well as bringing in speakers.”

The business planning session was led by Real Estate Results Network (RERN) founder Michael Sheargold, who designed a Place-specific workshop where they could explore the keys to accelerating growth and profits.

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