Agents reveal ideal photo number for listings

Agents believe between five and eight photos on a listing is the perfect amount to neither scare off buyers nor reveal too much about a property.

According to the latest Real Estate Business strawpoll, 34.6 per cent of respondents thought between five and eight photos is the perfect amount.

Of the 153 respondents, 29.4 per cent thought nine to twelve was better while 28.1 per cent use more than thirteen photos.

Only 7.8 per cent thought that between one and four photos was the right amount.

According to Bill Kington, director at Love Realty in Newcastle, too few photos can give the wrong impression to a buyer.

“If there’s a deficiency of photos, consumers will know there’s only a few good shots of the house, which could make some assume the rest of the house is horrible,” he told Real Estate Business.

Mr Kington said his company would fit into the 9 to 12 category, saying it isn’t enough to reveal too much about a property to reduce inquiries.

“Whatever gets you more inquiries the better,” he said. “Even if they don’t end up wanting to buy the property, add them to your database and make sure you follow up on them.”

Glenn Grantham from Raine & Horne Darwin fits into the majority of responses and agrees that the more inquiry, the better.

“The more people you get through the property, the stronger the perception of competition,” he said.

“It also shows your vendor that your marketing is successful.”

Mr Grantham believes between six and eight professional photos is perfect for his clients, of which a large proportion live interstate.

“A lot of our clients don’t ever see the property they are buying, and they have to rely on the photos instead of an inspection," he explained.

“If we put on too few photos, we alienate a whole section of our buyer database.”

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