Agency gives homes luxury treatment

The value of a property usually determines the amount of effort and time that goes into marketing it, but one agent is turning this theory on its head.

One South Australian agency is distinguishing itself from its competitors by giving all their properties, which are predominantly in the lower to middle end of the market, a high-end service typically given to luxury homes.

Director of Open Door Real Estate Andrew Biszczak told Real Estate Business he had a full-time marketing team dedicated to marketing homes that would normally be given little attention.

“Our whole approach is all about full production video tours and the very best photography,” he said. “We’ll spend four to five hours doing one film shoot on a property, and that doesn’t matter whether it’s a $200,000 property or a $600,000 property.

“We’ll sell the property in full detail with a full walk-through tour. I’ll also go out and sell the lifestyle, location, get to the schools, get to the shops, we’ll interview people who live in the suburb and get feedback on why they love living there.”

According to Mr Biszczak, the response had been phenomenal.

“We’ll get 250 to 350 video views for that property in the first week. Because of that, our numbers at open inspections are virtually double what any other agent is doing in the area and obviously that results in more offers, more contracts and quicker sales,” he said.

“Our average selling time is around two to three weeks per property and has been for the last three years. At the moment my turnover as a selling principal is around 70 properties a year.”

Mr Biszczak said there was no one else in his marketplace doing videos of the same style and quality that his agency were doing.

“Certainly, most agents don’t have the time to put in the effort that we do. It comes down to really good time management and a great team behind us,” he said.

“Everything we do is very unique but structured in a way that is managed efficiently, so it all seems to work."

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