'Novel' strategies key to customer relationships: expert

Agents should differentiate themselves by implementing novel strategies to improve client relationships, said a leading customer service expert.

Martin Grunstein, customer service consultant, told Real Estate Business's sister publication, The Adviser, that small business owners need to do more to secure and keep customers.

“In terms of the generation of repeat and referral business, there needs to be follow up, there needs to be ongoing relationships,” he said.

In his own business as a customer service consultant, Mr Grunstein has developed a unique way to build stronger relationships with clients.

“A lot of people send out Christmas cards. I send my clients 'Happy November 27' cards,” he said.

“People get 100 cards at Christmas and no one remembers who sent them. They only get one card on November 27.”

More important than the cards themselves is the follow-up phone calls while still front of mind, said Mr Grunstein.

“I get 70 per cent of my business for the next year from the phone calls,” he said, “just by having a catalyst for me to make a ‘How’s things?’ phone call. And that’s a lovely time to say ‘Oh, by the way, do you know anybody else who may be interested in the services?’,” says Mr Grunstein.

"Your income will be a function of their people skills and their marketing skills, not their technical skills,” he said.



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