New print and digital marketing platform

Agents will be able to manage their entire digital and print marketing campaigns through a new online system.

In the changing world of marketing, Top Snap has moved to embrace a ‘cross media’ mentality by providing solutions for print, video, signboards, press ads, emails, e-brochures, micro-sites, and internet advertising.

The one-stop solution has been integrated with the company’s online management system, according to managing director Rob Watkin.

“The marketing landscape is changing dramatically on a day-to-day basis. It is getting harder for agents to utilise all of the latest and most successful marketing tools to sell properties without having to approach multiple suppliers,” he said.

“To make this possible we have integrated a cutting-edge marketing technology developed by Chameleon into our online system, thus providing a one stop solution that executes all print and digital executions.”

According to Mr Watkin, the system can connect seamlessly with most CRM systems, allowing agents to plug straight in without having to learn an entirely new program.

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