Print advertising boosted by ‘café culture’

The rise of the café culture in metropolitan regions has given new life to print advertising, with one agent claiming that buyers are tired of mass-produced online marketing.

Fifteen-year veteran Namir Mikha has recently made the move to Laing+Simmons Newtown as principal, after years forging a successful brand in the inner west under the Belle Property banner.

From his experience, Mr Mikha claims matching your marketing to your environment is just the first step to successfully selling your listings.

“Too often the mass produced approach taken by the larger agency brands lacks the sophistication and capacity to tailor a solution to the individual vendor and the property itself.

 “The most successful campaigns involve a synergy between the right agent and the right brand backed by the best support systems, marketing collateral and crucially, the best people,” Mr Mikha said.

With the gentrification of Newtown and the inner west, Mr Mikha believes a real ‘café culture’ has emerged in Sydney, similar to that of Melbourne.

“When you market online, it’s up for a second and gone in a flash. But if you’re advertising in newspapers in an area like the inner west, the ad will sit in the café all weekend with hundreds of people flipping through it,” he said.

According to Mr Mikha, people travel on the weekends to be with friends at coffee shops.

“People talk in cafés, it’s more social than sitting at your computer, so discussions start around what it would be like to live in the area.

“Friends want their friends to live close, and want to share their lifestyle with people. But too many agents just assume that people only look online these days.

“Property is aspirational, so the marketing techniques must be strategically designed to appeal to buyers at an aspirational level,” he said.

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