Qld agency's $220,000 settlement gift

 A Queensland agency has taken settlement gifts to a new level by lending vendors the keys to the company Lamborghini.

After mulling over the $220,000 marketing idea for four years, business owner Brett Mason of Harcourts North Lakes decided to take the plunge just before Christmas.

“Every office does the same old thing – they charge commission, they charge for advertising, we settle and give them a gift. There’s nothing really special,” he told Real Estate Business.

“We wanted to turn the office into a high-performance office over the next 12 months, and to do that we needed to make a lot of changes.”

Mr Mason claims the high-performance office would need a high-performance marketing idea – something the 552 horse power machine certainly delivers.

“We purchased the car prior to Christmas, but we were looking for the right type of car for quite some time. We wanted a convertible and a sequential gearbox – so both auto and manual drivers could use it – so it was a bit more expensive,” he said.

While some vendors choose to drive the Italian supercar, Mr Mason claims many people are too nervous and instead prefer to be picked up or dropped off at events.

According to Mr Mason, unlike the other company cars, the Lamborghini has kept its sleek black paint job.

“We want them to feel like they’re driving their own car, which they can’t do if there is a Harcourts logo slapped on the side," he said.

“It’s about creating an unforgettable experience for our vendors – it’s something they’re never going to forget.”

The Harcourts North Lakes office missed out on about 300 listings to competitors in 2013, but Mr Mason is hoping to become an attraction business.

“We want a third of those listings at least. So for this year, we want to generate at least a hundred more sales than last year, which will more than cover the car’s cost,” he said.

Since announcing the initiative, local papers, community websites, as well as national news websites have covered the Harcourts office and its latest addition to the company fleet.

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