Mid-week auction expected to attract big numbers

After up to 20 interested parties began attending mid-week inspections, one ACT agent has decided to experiment with a mid-week auction.

John Buckley, owner of RE/MAX Capital in Queanbeyan, said that the weekend was changing – with many Australians even busier than during the week.

“It’s much easier for an employee to get off work an hour early than to rearrange the kid’s soccer competition on the weekend,” Mr Buckley told Real Estate Business.

“We started hosting mid-week twilight inspections to great success. We had an average of around eight parties per property, but one went as high as 23.”

While the numbers may seem just above average to some agents, according to Mr Buckley the numbers are phenomenal for the area.

“We’ve done our research, and we’re confident that we can host a twilight auction event successfully in the middle of the week,” he said.

To bolster what has been dubbed the ‘Red, White and Blue Twilight Auction event’, Mr Buckley said he wanted to make sure he recruited the best auctioneer.

“I’m a big believer in getting professionals to do what they do best, so we hire professional photographers and we hire professional auctioneers. Agents can’t just get up and hope to get the same result as a seasoned expert," he said.

“After a few properties were passed-in too early and a few other hiccups, we decided we wanted someone a bit more substantial than our regular contracted auctioneers.”

Mr Buckley approached top auctioneer Jason Andrew to fly in from south east Queensland to run the event.

RE/MAX managing director Michael Davoren applauded Mr Buckley’s choice, likening Mr Andrew to a fly-in fly-out (FIFO) auctioneer.

“Jason Andrew may well be one of the country’s first FIFO auctioneers since he performs in locations as far flung as Perth, Townsville and Melbourne, and numerous places in between," he said.

“In the Queanbeyan region, he will travel from property to property as the auction event involves multiple auctions on the same day but with each auction held on site.

“I am impressed and delighted with John’s initiative. It shows a determination that his vendor’s properties would be in the most highly skilled hands when it comes to auction time.”


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