Friday funnies: Getting friendly with the pet

Every Friday, we feature a story from an agent on the ground. This week’s author is Karen Herrick, sales agent from 1on1 Property in Maitland, NSW.

When I first started in real estate I was working for an agency in Batemans Bay. I was very excited to be going out to one of my first appraisals on my own, and all the office wished me luck.

Of course, I was all suited up in heels and well groomed, as you would expect of an agent. The property was a house that they were doing some minor improvements to. There were external stairs that had been retiled but the grouting wasn't quite completed.

The appraisal didn't go too well and as they saw me out, it was pouring with rain. At the top of the staircase I slipped in my heels, fell down the stairs, went to grab the wire balustrade, cut my fingers and as I fell down, the 10 or so stairs cut all my shins on the ungrouted tiles. I landed in a huge puddle of mud at the bottom, and to add insult to injury, their black Labradoodle ran over and started dry humping my head.

I was crying, pushing their dog off me with claret coming out everywhere and when I dragged myself up, the husband and wife were standing at the top of the stairs with their mouths open, just stunned.

I got back to the office and when I walked in there was just silence. I was limping, bleeding, muddy and I had obviously been crying...I answered all the stares with a "NO I DIDN'T GET THE LISTING!"

There was a happy ending though. I got the listing about three months after from another agency and sold it for a record price for the street. The story is almost legendary with agencies in the bay.

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