'Fairer offer' for redeveloped commercial site

realestatecommercial.com.au has launched the first stage in a redevelopment of the site, and a “fairer offering” is high on the relaunch agenda.

Commenting on the recent relaunch, Darryl King, realestatecommercial.com.au’s CEO, believes the new site will benefit all agents and brokers, will offer a fairer deal for all no matter what their size, and offers some exciting features.

“Our new website is deliberately designed to make the site about the properties. Let’s be honest, that is what users are coming for. It’s a very visual experience removing much of the traditional clutter you find on older-style designs and is designed to speed up the time it takes to find what you want on the site,” he said.

“The initial feedback has been very positive and it is an exciting time. It feels like the market is ready for change and the new offerings we will be releasing we hope will really offer a better alternative than is currently available.”

According to Mr King, offering a fairer deal is one of the main focuses of the site. 

“We don’t want to differentiate our offering based on your office size or budget - we give the same feature set to everyone. That includes full agency profiles, promotion, and branding. We have no reason not to help agents promote themselves, that’s our job,” he said.

The site is rolling out in stages and stage one is close to completion. Key factors including the speed of the site and the search options, integration of XML feeds and ensuring the existing customers are all running well and have transitioned as expected. Stage two will commence rolling out in late February through to March.

To coincide with the relaunch, realestatecommercial.com.au has released its pricing model and is looking to change the way real estate agents and brokers are charged for listings.

Moving away from the usual print-based rate card models generally used by real estate property portals, realestatecommercial.com.au’s rates are based around web-based subscription models, where agents and brokers pay depending on the number of listings they have.

“The simple four-tiered pricing model takes the guess work out of how much real estate agents and brokers will pay for listings,” Mr King said.

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