Double your business in 2 hours a day

The difference between a great agent and a medicore agent is just two hours of prospecting each morning, according to an award-winning principal.

Dane Atherton, principal and owner of Harcourts Coastal, who gave up his time to speak and inspire a room full of young agents last week, said too many professionals create excuses and let counter-productive disruptions get in the way of securing listings and selling property.

Speaking at the fourth Young Real Estate Professionals (YREP) event in Sydney last week, Mr Atherton simplified the job with an analogy: “One way to look at the job of a real estate agent is like this: if you were giving the task of cleaning this hotel room for two hours a week and somebody said they’d give you $500,000 to do it, but you had to be here for two hours a day in between the hours of 9-11am, would you take the job?,” he told the young professionals.

“Of course you would, and I can tell you, if you prospect for two hours a day, five days a week for six months, what will happen to your income? It will go up won’t it?”

Mr Atherton drove home this theory to the enthusiastic crowd by explaining that the difference between a great agent and a average agent can be just two hours of prospecting.

Mr Atherton conceded the challenge was tough, as many things can get in the way of an agent prospecting.

Mr Atherton said agents must stop focusing on non-dollar productive activities like social media, emails, office chat and even listing appraisals, and get back to prospecting.

“It is the dark side in freedom in real estate. The reason people don’t get to where they want to get to is because they can’t manage their own freedom,” he told the room of young agents.

“How are you managing your time? Are you allowing yourself to knock-off early? Are you allowing yourself to be distracted from the dollar-productive activities - you probably are?”

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