Friday funnies: In the dark

Every Friday, we feature a story from an agent on the ground. This week’s author is John Malmberg, from ECP Commercial R/E in Greenwich, NSW. 

I had a regular commitment to open up a house for sale on Saturdays, to allow prospective purchasers the opportunity to see through the property.

Arriving at the home, I knocked on the door, expecting the owners - a family with two children - to be gone as previously agreed. But no, they were still there.

Politely I explained once more that prospective purchasers felt more comfortable with the owners absent, and would they mind disappearing for about 30 minutes. I suggested that they shouldn’t go far because 30 minutes would pass quickly.

I busied myself bringing in registers, setting up brochures, putting up open home signs, etc. When I looked inside, the family had gone. The first potential buyers, a young couple, arrived and I showed them through the home. I could sense their interest, so I suggested they see the rear yard.

“Could we look in the garden shed,” the interested male enquired?

“Certainly,” I responded, sweeping open the metal door of the four square-metre shed.

It was dark inside. We three peered in. There, as though we were viewing the Cheshire Cat on the set of Alice in Wonderland, were four sets of white teeth reflecting the light, set in an embarrassed grin.

What did I do? I must admit I roared with laughter, which fortunately was shared by all, as the family trooped out in a line, eyes blinking to adjust to the light.

Oh, yes. The young couple bought the home! Laughter IS the best medicine after all!

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