Robinson Property goes against the grain

Weekly meetings, KPIs and sales targets may be an industry staple, but Newcastle-based Robinson Property is bucking the trend.

The agency spoke to Real Estate Business about how it manages to support its staff without the rigidity of weekly meetings. 

“We have got a good office culture with really successful people that we support in their roles,” Robinson Property principal Guy Robinson said.

“They don’t have targets to meet or KPIs or measures or rigid weekly sales meetings or any of that.

“We have done better without it.

“We have gone down that road, but all it does is distract the staff.”

The business does hold meetings for specific events, such as internal awards or important industry changes, but Mr Robinson said: “We don’t have this weekly meeting that wastes everyone’s time.

“If someone needs a boost or some assistance, we handle that on a one-on-one basis,” he said.

Mr Robinson admitted he resents the ‘team environment’.

“They call it a team environment but I think it is a non-team environment. You get these sales meetings where they try and browbeat the guys who aren’t doing as well as others,” he said.

“That’s not the way to motivate someone.”

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