Authenticity a winning approach for new agents

The number one thing a new agent needs to be is authentic and to approach the job with a level of simplicity, according to Place Estate Agents lead agent James Curtain.

Speaking to Real Estate Business at the recent Real Estate Result Network's Sales Summit in Sydney, Mr Curtain said agents should stick to their plan and “be real and normal” in the community. 

“My advice when you're starting out in real estate is that the number one thing you need to be in this business is authentic and approach it with a level of simplicity - you stick to your plan and you are real and you are normal,” he said.

“I think that even at the listings table it's all just about relating, it's about understanding, it's about listening to the needs of the particular person or family that you're sitting in front of, and I think if you can apply that and stay true to that, you'll be really successful in real estate."

Real Estate Business published a blog by real estate coach Josh Phegan on January 11, in which he discusses the importance of creating authentic customer relationships.

“I quickly realised how important creating a relationship with your client is, so they can connect with you as a person,” Mr Phegan said.

“I now see this all the time happening to others. But when you can acknowledge your weaknesses it is possible to self-correct.

“Importantly, these big moments of challenge can really impact how and when you reach the next level in your career.”

Mr Curtain said he often sees a lot of distraction in the business and believes younger people are now guilty of being sidelined.

“I think when you're working, you're working,” he said.

“You've got to get your energy levels up; you've got to operate in this business with a level of intensity.”


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