Network's website targets consumer education in refresh

Helping consumers make important real estate decisions has been the driving force behind a major real estate group's new-look website, the second network to announce such a change in the last week. 

“The new myLJHooker has undergone major changes to ensure consumers can easily access quality information to assist with important real estate decisions,” said myLJHooker’s director, Marcus Freeman.

“The site has evolved since it was first launched two years ago to become one of the world’s most comprehensive online real estate libraries, with literally thousands of contemporary articles, eBooks and tips designed to help and educate.”

LJ Hooker said its online real estate library should appeal to everyone “from seasoned investors to first-time buyers with tips and knowledge to realise their 2014 property dreams”.

The network, which has around 700 offices nationally, said the judge of The Block, Darren Palmer, will be the site’s ambassador and feature writer.

The myLJHooker ( site was designed by the real estate group in conjunction with American Rob Janoff, the designer behind one of the world’s most iconic logos – Apple.

Mr Freeman said the site had been well received by the market and its own offices.

“Offering high-quality content for agents to share with their customers through social media, email and web is increasingly important,” he said. “Our agents and their customers are benefitting from thousands of well-crafted articles, eBooks, magazines, market reports, exclusive offers and more.

"We are committed to making sure the content on is updated every month with the latest trends from the best.”

LJ Hooker’s announcement comes not long after the 400-office strong First National Real Estate told the market about its new website, which also reveals a move towards educating Australians about the property buying and renting process.


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