The three biggest mistakes an agent can make

One of Sydney’s top selling principals shares the three mistakes that turned him into the leader he is today.

Principal of Belle Property Mosman in Sydney, Tim Foote has achieved the title of top selling principal for the company eight times in the past 10 years.

But it hasn’t always been a comfortable journey, according to Mr Foote.

“We all make mistakes, but it’s how we move on and learn from these mistakes that separates the average agents and the great ones,” Mr Foote told Real Estate Business.

“My three biggest mistakes that I think others can learn from have been doubting my ability and myself, burning myself out and not listening to the client.”

Mr Foote is the first to admit he definitely had some teething issues when entering the business.

“In the first 12 months of my real estate career I quit three times, only for my boss to not let me resign. It was only because he said I had to stick it out that I have a career in real estate,” he said.

While that part of his career is long in the past, his second mistake is one that keeps cropping up.

“The honest truth is I haven’t always kept a healthy [work-life] balance, and I've suffered the consequences," he said.

“One of the lessons I learnt is embodied in our company mission statement: ‘Have fun, help people and make money’. You really have to ensure you’re enjoying what you do in work in order to enjoy life.

“You don’t make money and then have a good life; you need to be enjoying yourself along the way.”

Mr Foote also claims his wife and four children keep him in check.

“Giving them the time they need, and giving them good quality time when you do is enjoyable and rewarding and translates to your work,” he said.

Mr Foote is just one of myriad speakers who will be presenting at the 2014 Ideas Exchange in Sydney.

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