Affordability concerns threaten Sydney's living standards

Sydney is becoming a less "liveable" city due to housing affordability pressures and high traffic congestion, a Property Council survey has revealed.

The survey rated each state’s “liveability” by asking residents to rank their city on a range of factors, including amenities, economic opportunities, housing options and climate.

Sydney came eighth out of 10 cities, placing ahead of only Perth and Darwin.

“It sits in eighth place and is being held back by frustrations over housing affordability, cost of living and the challenge of moving around,” Property Council NSW executive director Glenn Byres said.

Only 28 per cent of Sydneysiders believe the city offers affordable homes, with the same percentage saying the city offers a good standard of living at an affordable price.

Around 23 per cent believed the city has good road networks.

According to the report, affordability was the second most important concern for people nationwide, behind the safety of people and property.

Mr Byres said Sydney residents wanted to see action taken on housing affordability.

“Sydneysiders are seeking game-changing initiatives that break the back of the housing affordability challenge facing Sydney," he said.

"Sydneysiders also clearly want to see continued investment in congestion-busting infrastructure projects, and the pursuit of other reforms like local government amalgamation should remain a must."

At the other end of the spectrum, Canberra was rated as Australia’s most liveable city, followed closely by Adelaide and Hobart.

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