‘Make them fight for it’: trainer

The sales process is becoming too easy for buyers, with one trainer claiming agents aren’t doing their best in negotiating a premium price for vendors.

According to Mark Dwyer from Sales Trainer, agents are missing the most important ingredient when it comes to the sales process.

“The quickest way to sell something to someone is to tell them they can’t have it,” he told the Domain Insights to Success host Kevin Turner.

“A buyer will always want you to submit an offer almost straight away, so they look at me and give me an offer, and I ask ‘Would you like me to submit that to the owner right now?’. They say 'yes', and I look away and look back and say 'no'.

“I say ‘The owner has left it up to me, I had a quick conversation with them in my head, the answer is no.’ They then have to fight for it.”

While the strategy may be a stark change for many agents, Mr Dwyer believes that without having to fight for it many buyers lose interest.

“In the absence of a fight a buyer will never value it. If you make it too easy for them in the negotiation on price they will invariably walk away from it because they feel that something must be wrong,” he said.

Agents who are not forcing buyers to fight for a property are not fulfilling their duty as the key negotiator on the behalf of the seller.

“If we truly drained every last dollar inside a sales transaction on behalf of a seller, surely all of the sales prices you see recorded wouldn’t end in zero," Mr Dwyer said.

“I’ve lost count of the amount of times when almost at the conclusion of the sale I’ve asked the buyer to pull out their wallet and I’ve reached in and pulled out hundred dollar bills.

“They have a laugh, but the bottom line is that translates to the seller that I have done everything in my power to fulfil my responsibility as a negotiator in the sales transaction.”

See the full video here.

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