Top coach teaches agents how to become trainers

One of Australia’s most successful real estate coaches is hoping to teach principals and agents how to motivate their teams and drive them to success.

Michael Sheargold, is set to kick off the Real Estate Results ‘Coach the Coach’ program at Surfers Paradise later this month.

Mr Sheargold said the two-day event aims to provide the “ultimate empowerment program to enable principals and agents to learn the skills necessary to help their team succeed”.

“Coach the Coach was developed to help business leaders motivate their team to achieve [even more].

“The program has been specifically designed to equip agents with the skills and tools necessary to inspire change in others while coaching them to be the best agent they can be,” Mr Sheargold said.

With more than 6,000 individual sessions under his belt, and more than 20 years’ experience coaching the best principals and agents in the industry, Mr Sheargold said it was time he shared the coaching skills he’s developed over the years.

“It’s so important that business leaders are able to help positively push their team to the next level all the while empowering their team to achieve what they previously thought was out of reach,” he said.

The program will touch on a variety of topics comprising the do’s and don’ts of coaching; how to create the confidence for change in others; setting up an effective coaching relationship; facilitating mastery in others; and many more.

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