‘Surely this can’t be legal’: top agents

Some of the country’s top agents ran through hell this past weekend in the name of charity.

With a goal of raising $50,000 for the Cancer Council Australia, real estate trainer Josh Phegan recruited some of the country’s top performers to test their mettle against a gruelling 21-kilometre obstacle course.

“We had our full team there competing as a team,” Mr Phegan told Real Estate Business.

“There was 21 kilometres of running, involving 27 obstacles varying from ones that require upper body strength and lower body strength. And we’re proud to say that every single obstacle was attempted and completed.”

Watch the footage from Josh Phegan's camera here.

According to Mr Phegan, each agent brought their own attributes to the team.

“We’re not naming best man on the ground, but everyone brought their different attributes to the table,” he said.

“Phil Harris’ height was an advantage for some of the obstacles. Adam Flynn’s upper body strength was nothing short of impressive. Cooley and I brought great assets to the running component, while Mark Lowry and Matt Hayson were brilliant all round.”

Unfortunately, one of the industry’s best didn’t seem to handle the electric shock obstacle all too well.

“It’s funny because different people seemed to react differently to it. It was easy for some of us, but others were screaming in pain,” Mr Phegan said.

“Phil Harris copped it pretty bad on the Electric Eel obstacle – he was shocked six times. The most famous thing he said after that was ‘Surely this can’t be legal’”

With $46,317 currently raised, Mr Phegan said there is still time to donate to help the team reach their target.

“The donations have been coming in thick and fast from as far as London and New Zealand even though it’s going to Cancer Council Australia, which is an exceptional feat that we’re very proud of,” he said.

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