Promising start for new industry body

After just one month, the newest industry body in real estate claims to have had an impressive influx of agents.

According to Certified Practicing Real Estate Agent (CPREA) chairman Geoff Baldwin, an increasing number of respected Australian trainers and speakers are getting behind the new national accreditation body.

“At our launch [last month] we had set ourselves some fairly lofty targets for membership growth and we are very happy to be ahead of those targets.

“We are also encouraged by the enormous support we are receiving from training providers and speakers,” Mr Baldwin added.

The body intends to promote a large range of courses to the industry next month, with substantial discounts available to members.

“From a business perspective our members are already using the CPREA accreditation to their advantage in their listing presentations, and the public are genuinely relating to what they see as a long overdue focus on professionalism,” Mr Baldwin claimed.

“We had a conversation with one of our members this week, who was ecstatic with having secured two listings where the sellers acknowledged being influenced by his CPREA accreditation.”

The initiative received mixed responses from agents at its launch last month.

One agent questioned the validity of such a body.

“Each state already has a professional body and there is a national professional body - all of which are accepted by the public and the government," they said.

“If you want higher qualification standards I recommend working from within your existing state body instead of breaking up the industry.”

However, others were quick to point out the benefits of a CPREA accreditation.

“I personally like the idea of a professional body with stringent entry requirements, as opposed to a body whose sole requirement is having your certificate,” one agent said.

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