Friday Funnies: A not-so-ideal photoshoot

Every Friday, we will feature a story from an agent on the ground. This week’s story comes from Simon Draper from Top Snap.

Earlier this month whilst driving, one of my agents rang me to book a photoshoot on a corner block in one of Geelong's most prestigious suburbs. On the day of the shoot itself, I met the agent at an earlier shoot and she gave me the keys for the property, advising me that it was vacant.

I turned up at the property, knocked on the door and then went in using the key (nothing strange about that, I hear you say). I entered the house directly into the open plan living area, with the kitchen to one side. 

Standing in the kitchen I noticed the place was a mess, with washing up still in the sink, clothes everywhere, last night's meal on the bench - nothing I could photograph. It was at that point that I became aware of an open door approximately three metres to my right, leading into a dark room. I looked in the room to find the occupant asleep in his bed (at 2pm)! I gathered my camera gear, tripod, lights and floorplan case and ran out the house.

I telephoned the agent and told her the situation. She said, "What is he sleeping on - the place is empty?"

"A bed," I replied

"Are you on ............. Street?"


"Corner block?"

"Yes," I confirmed.

"Big palm tree outside?"

"Mmmmmm, no!" I exclaimed.

"What number are you at?"


"You're at the wrong house, it's number 27," she burst out in hysterics.

"OMG! But how did the key work?" I asked.

I then reached into my pocket, and to my horror I realised that in my haste I had left my car keys on the kitchen bench. I had to go back in and retrieve them, hoping the man in the bed was still asleep...

What would you have done?

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