Agent to shave beard for charity

After eight months of cultivation, Barry Plant agent Anthony De Iesi will shave his magnificent beard to raise funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital.

“It’s been great not having to shave for eight months, but now it’s time for it to go” Mr De Iesi said. 

“I’ve had friends who have had a sick child, and after seeing the help that the Royal Children’s Hospital provides I felt that it would be great to raise some money to help this important cause,” he said. 

With the aim of raising more than $2,000, Mr De Iesi hopes his contacts from his 12 years as a local agent will help pitch in to support the cause.

But if more than $5,000 is raised, Mr De Iesi said he will also shave his head.

Owner of the Barry Plant Northcote office Gino De Iesi has also pledged to match his fundraising efforts dollar for dollar.

Click here to help support Anthony De Iesi.

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