Top performers still need guidance

Even top agents and offices need someone to be held accountable to, according to a trainer for one national group.

According to newly appointed state trainer and BDM for Harcourts Victoria, Vanessa Maher, businesses and agents at every stage of growth require a helping hand.

“Everyone needs someone to check in on them. Even the ones that are flying ahead of the pack and who don’t need any assistance still need someone to be held accountable to,” she told Real Estate Business.

“It’s that accountability that puts them in a position to push themselves further and achieve their own goals.”

With 19 years’ experience, Ms Maher will work closely with principals in her new role.

“It’s about making sure the offices are using everything that Harcourts has on offer and making sure they are using them to the best of their abilities. I’m really excited because it lets me deal with individuals and help owners grow,” she said.

Ms Maher will assist in creating business plans across the Harcourts Victoria network, but more importantly, ensure principals are following through on their goals.

“It’s about making a bold decision and being courageous enough to follow it through," she said.

“Some businesses are doing a phenomenal job, and I’m going to be more of a support role for them. But the ones that are really needing some help have got the right idea of what they need to do, they just need to actually follow through with it.

“I’m going to look at the systems and the structure of their businesses and maybe install a more regimented approach to how they do business.”

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