CRM joins with fast-track conveyancing service

A popular customer relationship management (CRM) system has introduced a new feature that will expedite sale contracts for vendors.

The new feature is part of a joint partnership between software company Agentbox and property and conveyancing specialists at LawLab.

According to Eddie Cetin, managing director of Agentbox, the new integration will allow agents to be more competitive during listing presentations.

“Inside the appraisal form in Agentbox, agents can click on a button and it sends the property details straight to LawLab for contract preparation,” he said.

Mr Cetin said that once clicked, the ball is in LawLab’s court.

“The agent doesn’t need to do anything further in terms of getting that contract," he said.

“If you’ve been called in for a vendor presentation, you don’t want a potential opportunity to go to another agent, so you can close the deal and get a contract to them in record time.”

Speaking with Real Estate Business, Ian Perkins, managing director of LawLab said the ability for fast turnaround times is achieved through a dedicated team that promises to contact the seller in under two hours.

“For conveyancing, the delays come from communication and information collection breakdowns. The benefit of this system is that the data comes straight from the Agentbox system into ours, our staff are correctly informed about the seller and the property – we call the seller straight away and we start work immediately,” he said.

In some states, a contract is needed to advertise the property, but with this service Mr Perkins claims the first viewing can be within a week "without lifting a finger".

 “We’ve spoken with many agents and have identified the problem in quick preparation of a contract is getting the details of the seller and the property, which is why integrating with Agentbox is great for both us and agents,” he said.

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